The Healthy Longevity Medicine Society is dedicated to promoting educational opportunities for healthcare professionals, laypeople and other sector stakeholders.
Unlock Healthy Longevity: Supplements
Dates: 29th of February & 1st of March, 2024. The Singapore’s National University Health System Centre for Healthy Longevity is dedicated to advancing the science and application of supplements to promote healthy ageing and extend healthspan and lifespan. This groundbreaking event brings together leading experts, industry partners, and regulatory authorities to explore the immense potential of neuroprotective supplements in revolutionising the way we age.
NUS Intensive Course on Healthy Longevity
A 3-day intensive course and an access to the 2-day CHL Conference 2024 (Unlocking Healthy Longevity: Supplements).

Sign up for conversations with the world's leading academics and entrepreneurs. Maximum class size: 100. Spots are filling up quickly, make sure to register:
The Longevity medicine is advanced personalised preventive medicine powered by deep biomarkers of aging and Longevity. Its fields encompasses the likewise rapidly evolving areas of biogerontology, geroscience, and precision, preventive and functional medicine – it aims to prevent and reverse the diseases of aging as well reverse or repair age related cellular changes such as molecular waste, calcification, tissue stiffening, loss of stem cell function, genetic alterations and impaired energy production.
Longevity Investors Conference
The Longevity Investors Conference will be held in Gstaad on September 27-29 2023. The Longevity Investors Conference gathers together a selected audience of the most prominent investors in the field. The main aim of the events is to bring together academia and business to discuss the latest trends, and opportunities and to provide relevant insights into the longevity and rejuvenation subject.

​The two full days conference is bringing together the world’s top longevity KOLs, institutional and private investors, wealthy private investors, family offices, and funds.

Longevity Summit Dublin 2023
Mark your calendars for August 17th - 20th, 2023 for a four-day longevity conference in Dublin. The 2023 Longevity Summit Dublin will feature cutting-edge science from leading researchers in the aging field.

Over 40 global pioneering scientists and researchers, alongside high net-worth investors, will come together on the same stage, all focused on challenging the epidemic of chronic diseases. The conference is organized and curated by the team behind LEV Foundation.
TAFD’s International Longevity Summit
The conference is held on 23rd – 24th of August, 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The International Longevity Summit in the most exclusive Conference for Longevity and Biotech revolution in Africa leveraging the dynamics of diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

The ILS provides relevant insights into the longevity subject, expert education, investment opportunities, excellent networking opportunities and a great setting in an exclusive location. The two full days conference is bringing together the world’s top longevity Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Institutional and Private investors, Wealthy private investors, Families, Offices and Funds.
A Longevity Medicine Day on August 28th will be held for clinically oriented health care professionals and affiliated professionals, highlighting the current and future solution of translating geroscience into the clinic. HLMS will host a 2 hours session on clinical cases during this day.
ARDD Longevity Medicine Day
Organized and coordinated by the Vice President of HLMS Dr. Evelyne Yehudit Bischof, the Longevity Medicine Day is an event bringing healthcare providers and discussing the status quo and the future of the field, as well as related challenges, perspectives, and actionable items. The Longevity Medicine Day is an excellent addition to the CME accredited Longevity Medicine Course for Physicians at
A Longevity Medicine Workshop will be held during the premeeting of the ARDD, highlighting the need to translate geroscience into the clinic.
Longevity Science Singapore Conference
This full-day medical and scientific conference is catered toward healthcare and academic professionals to learn about the latest strategies, discoveries and implementation of longevity interventions to improve individual healthspan and population health as a whole. The Healthy Longevity Medicine Society will discuss the roadmap for longevity medicine.
The 1st Sheba Longevity Center Conference will mark the launch of a longevity center established within a university hospital combining research, clinic and innovation and will also initiate an annual SLC conference series.

Sheba Longevity Center Conference aims to provide a platform for an annual gathering within the multidisciplinary field of longevity medicine. The conference will include science and technology professionals, doctors and clinicians in the field of GeroSciences, AI experts, as well as the general public - to educate, update, network, and foster collaborations within the field. The conference will take place over two days.
The HLMS Yearly Meeting & General Assembly
The first inaugural HLMS conference is planned for May 2023
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