Healthy Longevity
Medicine Society
International peak professional medical society
in the field of longevity medicine
The Longevity Medicine Society (LMS) was established in August 2022 to build a clinically credible framework and platform for longevity medicine that promotes the highest standards of interdisciplinary collaboration in the field. The LMS is governed by a Council of elected members representing different geographical locations and sectors. The LMS aims to educate, foster research and professional development, set recommendations and guidelines, and coordinate activities across the various domains of longevity medicine.
The LMS has four main objectives:
  • To identify and promote educational opportunities in longevity medicine, including accreditations and credentials
  • To set and promote professional standards (including physician guidelines) in longevity medicine, thereby advancing and maintaining quality in the development and application of longevity medicine
  • To centralize, establish, facilitate and promote a clinical research agenda encompassing all aspects of longevity medicine
  • To develop relationships and collaboration opportunities with national and international entities, such as health authorities and scientific and medical societies
Our Mission
To develop longevity medicine as a respected and independent medical speciality that extends the healthspan of ageing individuals, tackles ageing mechanisms and optimizes an individual’s performance.
Our Vision
Excellence, Leadership, Transparency, Inclusiveness
Our Values
Longevity Medicine Society — the international peak professional medical society in the field of longevity medicine
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